SMS :: About Us

SMS started as a small enterprise in 1982 in Central India specializing in providing unique and highly customized solutions for achieving quality and productivity parameters of the steel industry.

Initially the clients were mostly based in the Central India region. Over time and with strong commitment to quality and consistency the enterprise was able to expand its operations significantly.

Since 2007, the group diversified into manufacturing of ferro alloys (ferro aluminium and ferro titanium) and other aluminium products for use in steel industry. Today, SMS is well established in its fields of operation.

The Team

The group is led by a qualified metallurgist and engineering professionals from top Institutes of India with long experience in the industry.

Our Customers

All our customers are known and respected names in the Indian steel industry. The steel manufactured by our customers is used in applications as diverse and challenging as automobiles, marine applications and nuclear engineering.

Quality Commitment

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with strong focus on quality. All inputs are procured from established sources and checked for quality and consistency before use. For this purpose we have two OES installed at our works.