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Synthetic Ladle Dephosphorizer DPX - LA

DPX - LA is a proven additive for control of phosphorus in acid induction melted steel. It is a very cost effective method with cost of dephosphorization as low as Rs.700 PMT (<12 USD/MT).

Synthetic Dephosphorizer DPX - 900

DPX - 900 has been developed for control of phosphorus in arc furnaces. Use of DPX - 900 allows extremely low phosphorus levels to be achieved (<0.007%) consistently.

Synthetic Lime Additive DPX - Super

DPX - Super is a high efficiency partial replacement of lime in arc furnace. Today when cost of imported and domestic lime is at an all time high due to freight cost and currency depreciation, DPX - Super provides an extremely cost effective alternative to lime.

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Synthetic Ladle Flux DSX

Ladle furnace slags vary across different operations due to different requirements of grades of steel being manufactured.

With this view, requirement specific development of synthetic fluxes for ladle furnaces is undertaken. DSX provides a cost effective way of achieving desired slag chemistry.