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Ferro Aluminium

Ferro Aluminium is a binary alloy of iron with aluminium. Its most common application is for addition of aluminium to steel as an alloying element. Ferro Aluminium is available in three grades -

  1. Al 30~35%
  2. Al 35~40%
  3. Al 70~72%
Ferro Titanium

Titanium is added to certain grades of steel to control gas content and micro structure of the steel. Titanium is added to steel as Ferro Titanium which is a binary alloy of iron with titanium.

  1. Ti 20~25%
  2. Ti 30~35%
  3. Ti 68~72%

Other grades as per customer requirement can also be supplied.

Aluminium Bars

Aluminium is added to steel in the form of bars for de-oxidation. Aluminium bars are available in different sizes as per customer requirement. Aluminium content in the bars is 97% min.

Copper Anodes

Copper anodes are used in the electroplating industry as a source of copper to be deposited and their quality has a critical influence on the quality of deposition.

Our copper anodes are made from 99.9% pure EC grade copper. Our strict quality control ensures hassle free application and peace of mind.